Water & Sewer Design

Eagle River Heights Construction | Eagle River, Alaska

RPKA specializes in providing engineering services including surveying, planning, design, and construction oversight of numerous small capital water and sanitary sewer projects throughout Alaska.

We have an extensive background of providing professional services for water and sewer projects. We consistently work on multiple projects, guiding them smoothly through the planning, public involvement, design, and construction phases.

RPKA routinely navigates complex issues involving impacts to homeowners and utilities and municipal coordination. We are adept at balancing permitting and bid support with fast-tracked construction projects.


We appreciate your quick response to the emergency winter design replacement and oversight of the main septic tank that serves the O’Malley Golf Clubhouse and Restaurant. Also thank you for the extra effort in responding to civil and survey needs in rebuilding the asphalt apron around the buildings and numerous golf cart paths throughout the golf course. The managers of the facility were pleased with the quick response from the design team and contractor. Look forward to working with you in the future.
 MOA Capital Projects, 4/14/14