Survey Projects | Statewide, Alaska

Our success of completing projects on time and within budget is based on our ability to timely respond to our clients. We do this with the use of sophisticated equipment, as well as having knowledgeable people on staff that are experienced and skilled in providing surveying services including site surveying, monumentation, easements, boundary, platting and replatting, land status research; collecting, reducing, and presenting data; topographic, control, construction surveying, legal descriptions, and right-of-way/property mapping. We also have extensive experience in bathymetry, hydrographic surveys, LIDAR mapping, and aerial mapping. In a larger sense, the services that we offer are those of communication and cooperation, working together to make sure that the technical services we deliver meet the needs and objectives of each specific project. Our standards of practice adhere to the strictest of professional codes and ethics. The survey department at RPKA developed proven methods for accurate and complete surveys. We complete our surveys using conventional survey methods (total stations), GPS and robotic instruments. Often we utilize combinations of these tools to complete most projects.