Construction Management & Inspection


RPKA specializes in construction management and inspection of road, boardwalk, water, and sewer projects. Our construction managers and inspectors can assist you with ensuring that your projects are constructed to the highest standards.

In addition to field management and inspection, RPKA specializes in producing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) that document the measures to be taken by a contractor to prevent erosion or control sediment at an active construction site, in addition to the control measures for all aspects of a construction project which are called Best Management Practices (BMPs). RPKA also provides SWPPP inspection services to assist with ensuring that the project contractor has all BMPs in place, installed correctly, and functioning as intended.

On behalf of the OVK Tribal Council, I want to thank you and Brian Pederson again, for working so closely with us on addressing the questions that came to light on our Kasaan-Goose Creek Road Project…Thank you again for going above and beyond the call of duty!
 Organized Village of Kasaan

Construction Management & Inspection

RPKA specializes in large, complex projects with many stakeholders, but no matter the size of the job, our clients depend on RPKA project oversight.