Little Diomede Community Boardroad Improvements | Little Diomede, AK

Little Diomede Community Boardroad Improvements | Little Diomede, AK


Project Overview

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Bid Package & Construction Cost Estimate

Kawerak, Inc. retained RPKA to prepare a bid package for the Inalik Boardwalk project on Little Diomede Island. The bid package included a construction cost estimate for constructing the project as a time and material construction project. To accomplish the client’s request RPKA solicited quotes from shippers and supplier to obtain project costs. Once quotes were obtained, RPKA provided Kawerak, Inc. with the collected and collated project cost information in an organized construction cost notebook.


Construction Administration

The Kawerak Transportation Department retained RPKA to provide them with construction administration services for the Inalik Walkway Project on Little Diomede Island.

Material inspection services involved inventory and inspection of project materials at their respective (FOB) shipping points. If RPKA finds any supplies are defective or damaged, we then present our client with a written recommendation detailing the defects and damage, including photographic support for our client to reject the order.

Construction assistance services consisted of assisting our client and their onsite construction manager with conveying the intent of the construction plans to ensure continuity between design and construction during the construction of the boardwalks. In addition, RPKA assisted our client with expediting the fabrication of the handrails and decking.

Once construction was complete, RPKA provided our client with an as-built of the boardwalks and a record of survey to document that the easement in accordance with the agreement signed between the City of Little Diomede and the Diomede Native Corporation.