Kasaan-Goose Creek Road Design | Kasaan, AK

Kasaan-Goose Creek Road Design | Kasaan, AK


Project Overview

The purpose of the Kasaan-Goose Creek Road Project was to correct deficiencies and to improve the operational safety of the Kasaan to Goose Creek Road. This was accomplished by providing a consistent and adequate lane width that services the current and projected traffic volumes, replacing functionally obsolete bridges, and improving drainage and erosion along the roadway.



The project involved constructing a 36-foot wide paved road for the full length of the Kasaan to Goose Creek Road, installing culverts for drainage, and constructing any needed retaining walls in areas of steep slopes. Right-of-way acquisition was anticipated for this project due to the extensive reconstruction work. The paved shoulders serve as a pedestrian/bike lane. Pull off and parking areas were provided at Tolstoi Bay and at the water source.



The bridges along the Kasaan to Goose Creek Road were replaced with new bridges. The bridge replacements required fish habitat permits. The structure replacement timing had to comply with fish timing windows. Temporary crossings were required to reconstruct the bridges. The work was performed using best management practices, including minimizing water work, using silt fences and curtains, limiting the extent of exposed banks, protecting banks with rip rap, and seeding permanent fill slopes. By utilizing these methods, the impact to any aquatic organisms were minimized and the State of Alaska water quality standards were maintained. The excavation depth did not exceed 5 feet below the existing stream. Dewatering was required by the contractor and pumping of the excavation was anticipated.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls were constructed in areas of steep slopes that were prone to erosion. The retaining walls consisted of either rockery walls or mechanically stabilized earth walls. Rockery walls, which are used throughout Prince of Wales Island, are constructed of large rocks stacked on top of each other. Existing material sites were available. The majority of the material for the project came from excavating the new roadway. The material was of sufficient quality and quantity to complete the project. Some material was purchased from commercial sites on Prince of Wales Island.