RPKA is a professional A/E consulting firm offering environmental, community infrastructure, and development solutions. We use applied science and the applied laws of physics as our tools. We are committed to solutions that respond to the social impact of development and equally to solutions that consider the heritage of future generations. We strive to be professional and to conduct our business with honesty and integrity. Our primary goal is to be a successful A/E design firm that is professionally and financially sound.


We seek a workplace that is rewarding by offering competitive wages, health benefits, and on-going training for our staff. It is our intent, within economic considerations, to maintain a loyal group of employees through seasonal fluctuations and to provide a SAR/SEP type pension plan, bonuses, and other benefits. We will continue our efforts to maintain our reputation for excellence by quality use of state-of-the art technology and by peer association. Finally, we will continue a planned and stable growth pattern. Rodney P. Kinney Associates, Inc. (RPKA) is a family owned Native Alaskan firm, which was established in 1980.


Since our founding in 1980 with one individual, we have grown to a staff of 23 located in Eagle River, Alaska. RPKA is a leader in providing services for rural transportation planning, civil and geotechnical engineering, foundation design, surveying, soil and material testing, construction inspection and construction management to our clients in both rural, bush and urban communities. Our services include transportation planning, inventory updating, transportation grant writing, geotechnical and geophysical investigations, slope stability analysis and design, hydrology, road and parking lot design, environmental assessment studies, surveying, master planning, bridge design and inspection, foundation design, on-site utilities systems design, water treatment plant design, wastewater treatment planning and design, water systems planning and design, water supply and qualities studies, construction inspection and management, construction surveying and staking, soil and material testing, and AutoCAD drafting.



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